Hemichordate Images

"When we understand the worm, we will understand life"

Nobel laureates John Sulston referring to C. elegans

Class Pterobranchia


Colonies of Rhabdopleura normani and Cephalodiscus gracilis from Bermuda.

Class Enteropneusta, Family Harrimaniidae

Harrimania planktophilus and Saccoglossus pusillus from Barkley Sound, British Columbia and Saccoglossus bromophenolosus from Padilla Bay, Washington.

Class Enteropneusta, Family Spengelidae

An undescribed species of Schizocardium from the Corpus Christi Bay, Texas (left) and Schizocardium peruvianum from Pisco, Peru (Giannina Passuni photo, right).

Class Enteropneusta, Family Ptychoderidae

On the left an apparently undescribed species of Ptychodera from North Carolina. On the right, three west coast species of Glossobalanus. A, G. hartmani; B, G. barnharti; C, G. minutus.

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