Graduate students & Post-doctorals

Current Graduate & Postdocs

Kaitlin Gallagher (BMSC Postdoctoral Fellow 2019, starts Aug. 2019)

Fluid mechanics of salmon & humpback whale lice

Noura Jabr (PhD, start Sept. 2018)

Revision of the acorn worm family Ptychoderidae

Greta Ramirez (MSc, start Sept. 2017)

Systematics of Cambrian Burgess shale graptolites

Francis Letendre (PhD, start May 2017)

Experimental analysis of oil droplet capture by filter feeders


Huda Algalid (MSc, start Jan. 2017)

Paleontology of a soft bodied invertebrate from the Ordovician Period of Quebec

Charles Larouche-bilodeau (PhD, start May 2016)

Origin & evolution of hemichordate ossicles

Elena Beli (PhD, start Sept. 2015)

(co-supervised with prof. Stefano Piraino)

Composition, form & phenotypic plasticity of a pterobranch tubarium

Past Students and Post-docs

Karma Nanglu (PhD, May 2013- Aug. 2018)

(co-supervised with prof. Jean-Bernard Caron)

New field discoveries from the Cambrian Burgess Shale of Marble Canyon, Kootenay National Park, British Columbia.

Sasan Mehrabian (Postdoc., Sept. 2016-Aug. 2018)

Theory of oil droplet capture by filter feeders


Amir Roohi (Postdoc., 2017)

(co-supervised with prof. Frederick Gosselin)

Numerical and computational simulations of 2D landscapes

Autumn in Montreal, October 2017

Francis, Amir, Charles, Greta, Sasan, Elena,

Chris, Noura & Huda

Noura Jabr (MSc, Sept. 2017)

Taxonomy of Arctic torquaratorid acorn worms

Xavier Guilbeault-Mayers (Honours, May 2015)

Acorn worm & amphioxus gill symmetry

Fossil dig in Rivière-des-Prairies, April 2015

Simon La Charité-Harbec, Mario Cournoyer (Musée de Paleo. & Evolution), Audreanne Loiselle, Emilie Housego, Vincent Mazana, Xavier Guilbeault-Mayers. Missing in action that day were Leo Janne & Maude Thériault-Gauthier

Nidia Alvarez Armada (MSc, 2014)

(co-supervised with Imran Rahman)

Evolution of the ambulacrarian pharynx and gill slits

Elena Beli (MSc, 2014)

(co-supervised with prof. Stefano Piraino)

Taxonomy & decay of a Mediterranean pterobranch

Ariane Comeau (M.Sc., 2014)

Skeletogenesis of the crinoid Florometra serratissima

Helby Island, Barkley Sound, BC, Campout, July 2013

Karma Nanglu, Maureen Vo, Chris, Ariane Comeau


Maureen Vo (M.Sc., 2013)

Computational fluid dynamics of filter-feeding in invertebrates

Angelica Ostiguy (Honours, 2012)

Taxonomy of west coast Glossobalanus (Enteropneusta: Ptychoderidae)

Javier Luque (MSc, 2012)

Taxonomy, biogeography & phylogeny of Cretaceous Frog crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) from the Neotropics

Baie Des Rochers Field Trip, May, 2011

Karina Rivello, Chris, Gabrielle Lupien, Javier Luque, Ariane Comeau, Marie-Line Fiola

Fossils of Montreal, Dec. 2011

Angélica Ostiguy (and Hayden), Gabrielle Lupien, Ariane Comeau, Maureen Vo, Javier Luque, Marie-Line Fiola, Chris

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, 2011

Grant Fitzpatrick, Scott Seamone, Cory Bishop, Kelycia Leimert, Caroline Albiston, Annie Livingston, Tara Bocking, Ariane Comeau, Kevin Learning, Chris



Dr. Stephane Etienne (Research associate, 2010)

(co-supported with prof. Dominique Pelletier)

Finite element modeling of jellyfish propulsion


Paul Gonzalez (MSc, 2010)

Morphologie evolutive et functionnelle des hémichordés

Maëva Perez (Honours, 2010)

Taxonomic revision of the family Spengelidae (Enteropneusta)

Carine Deland (MSc, 2010)

Taxonomic revision of the family Harrimaniidae (Enteropneusta) & acorn worm biogeography


Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, 2009

Greg McCullagh, Ha-Loan Phan, Ashish Deshwar, Cameron Hookey, Pierce Deck, Andrew Chapelsky, Paul Gonzales


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