4th IRBV Microscopy Summer School

4-Day intensive course in modern optical and fluorescence microscopy techniques with theory lectures and practical hands-on training


This course is organized in collaboration with the company Zeiss. Other vendors on site include Bitplane (Imaris), Ibidi, Ayo Technologies, Mecalab. The course comprises lectures on brightfield optical microscopy and a variety of fluorescence-based imaging methods (see below for detailed program).

Different types of registration are available (complete with theory and hands-on, or individual components only). Please download the flyer for information and pricing, the program for detailed contents, or register here. Please send any inquiries to mailto:youssef.chebli@umontreal.ca.

Lectures (August 24 & 25)

The following lectures will be held on August 24 and 25 (all lectures will be given in English):

August 24

Optical and Fluorescence Microscopy: Microscope components, Alignment, Differential interference contrast (DIC), Phase contrast, Principles of fluorescence imaging, Fluorochromes

Contrast Enhancement Techniques: Structured illumination microscopy (Apotome), Deconvolution, Confocal laser scanning microscopy, PALM, Two-photon fluorescence excitation

August 25

Image processing and analaysis for publication: How to analyse and prepare your images for publication, How can Imaris help you answer your queries

Advanced microscopy techniques: Spinning disk, Super-resolution-PALM, Light sheet microscopy, Correlative microscopy in a glimpse

How to choose your microscope: Criteria, features, logistics and tips you need to look at when buying a new microscope

Hands-on Sessions (August 25, 26, 27)

Participants with full registration will receive detailed hands-on training in small groups and can test their own samples on the following microscopes (preliminary list - subject to change without prior notice):

  • Zeiss LSM 800 with AiryScan

  • Zeiss Spinning confocal microscope with TIRF

  • Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 with Apotome

  • Zeiss Axio Imager with Apotome

  • Bitplane Imaris® software (group and individual sessions)

  • Microscope maintenance (microscope components, eyepieces, Köhler illumination, filters, objectives, general maintenance)

    On August 25 and 26 structured hands-on sessions will be organized for small groups. The same microscopes are available in the morning of August 27 for follow-up sessions for participants with full registration who are welcome to bring their own samples. Individual sessions with the representative of Imaris can also be scheduled. The August 27 session is also open for One-day-only participants.

    Basic training sessions for microscope alignment will be available on August 24 (afternoon).

  • Is this course for you?

    This course certainly is for you, particularly if one of the following applies:
    • You would like to get up to speed on modern optical microscopy, including the latest developments such as light sheet microscopy.

    • You would like to test your specimens on different types of microscopes.

    • You would like to test Imaris, a powerful image analysis software, with your own image material.

    • You need to make purchasing decisions for microscopical equipment.

    • You simply love fluorescence microscopy!


    To register, please click here. Please note that the number of participants for the hands-on portion of the Summer School is limited and will be attributed on a first come first served base. All registration fees include taxes, lunches and coffee breaks.

    Early Bird Registration has been extended to August 7 !