Plant Cell Biology
and Cytomechanics Lab

Welcome to the Plant Cell Biology and Cytomechanics Lab. Prof. Anja Geitmann established the lab in 2001.

For the time being, the lab is located at the Plant Biology Research Institute (Institut de recherche en biologie végétale), in the Montreal Botanical Garden. It is is affiliated with the Department of biological sciences of the University of Montreal.

Please note that starting September 2015 Prof. Geitmann assumes the mandate of Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at McGill University. All contact addresses can be found here.

We study biomechanical aspects of plant cell biology. How do structural cellular features interact to generate a functional cell? How do walled cells grow? What controls cell shape? What are the logistic principles regulating material delivery within the cell? These are questions we try to answer.

One of our model systems is the pollen tube, the carrier of the male gametes in flowering plants. The pollen tube displays extremely rapid growth that can be reproduced under in vitro conditions. This allows us to study the structural and mechanical principles of plant cell growth.

Our studies rely on a combination of experimental and theoretical methods: microscopy, molecular biology, cytomechanics, and theoretical modeling.