Primers and Specials

Not quite sure what the term "cytomechanics" means? Or what beasts "pollen tubes" are? Then you might be interested in the following Primers that introduce you to the topics that are relevant for research in the Geitmann lab.

The Specials are aimed at those for whom biology is all Greek, as well as those who enjoy pretty pictures and/or those with a certain sense of humour. Please note that some of the Specials are in French and have been contributed by students of class BIO2372 (Plant Anatomy and Morphogenesis).

Plant Reproduction Primer
Find out how the flowering plants reproduce and learn about male-female communication in the plant world.

Pollen Tube Primer
The pollen tube is a protuberance formed from a pollen grain. Find out what its purpose is and why it grows so quickly.

Cytomechanics Primer
Living beings have to obey physical laws, and so do cells. Find out what principles govern the cell mechanics of plant cells.

Spécial Frère Marie Victorin
Une proménade dans les tourbières de Saint-Janvier

Spécial Maranta
La plante doméstique aux talents multiples

Canada Day Special
The pitfalls of wood anatomy

St. Jean Baptiste Special
Monocots, monocles and mononcle Montcalm

St. Patrick's Day Special
Would you like some Greek with your Shamrock?

Valentine Special
Everything you always wanted to know about (plant) sex and were afraid to ask