While affiliated with Université de Montréal Dr. Geitmann taught the following courses. Please consult the web site of the Department de science biologiques to find out who teaches these classes currently. For more detailed information click on the course number. Classroom courses are given in French (except for BIO4000 which is bilingual).

Classroom Teaching

BIO 2372 - Plant Anatomy and Morphogenesis
Architecture and development of functional traits in the flowering plants. 3h theory and 3h lab (4 credits). Usually scheduled on Wednesdays in the fall trimester.

BIO 4000 / BIO 6008 - Scientific Communication
Learn how to write a scientific text, give an oral presentation and prepare a conference poster. 3h sessions usually scheduled on Thursday afternoons in the fall trimester (3 credits). Only honors students and graduate students are eligible, the latter can sign up for BIO 6008.

BIO 6020 - Microscopy
Theoretical principles and practical applications of optical and electron microscopy. 3h  and full day sessions usually scheduled in the winter trimester (3 credits). Graduate students only.

Internships and Individual Classes

BIO 2020 / BIO 3020 - Lab Internship (Stage au milieu du travail)
Research project over one trimester (3 credits). 1 1/2 to 2 days a week.

BIO 2091 - Lab Internship (Initiation à la recherche)
Research project over one trimester (3 credits). 1 1/2 to 2 days a week.

BIO 4020 - Lab Internship within the Honors Program
Research project over two trimesters (9 credits). Honors students only.

BIO 6009 - Directed Reading
Analysis of selected scientific articles (3 credits). Graduate students only.