Prof. Kevin J. Wilkinson Group


Andrieu, Jean

M.Sc. Student




T 514 343-6111 ext. 0698


Department of Chemistry

University of Montreal

Pavillon Roger-Gaudry D-749

C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-ville

Montreal QC  H3C 3J7



Studying in France in the third-year speciality “Earth sciences and Environment” at the school UniLaSalle, Jean Andrieu is in the Wilkinson group as part of a professional internship. This 15-week course will aim at acquiring cross-functional skills as analytical methods for example. His studies will therefore concentrate on the improvement of the sample introduction into the ICP-MS. This optimisation of the sensitivity of the ICP-MS for the detection of environmental nanoparticles will be coupled with the use of several devices (MDG, Aridus II).

Prof. Kevin J. Wilkinson Group

Prof. Kevin J.

Wilkinson Group