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Hadioui, Madjid

Senior Scientist




T 514 343-6111 ext. 30434


Department of Chemistry

University of Montreal

Pavillon Roger-Gaudry D-740

C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-ville

Montreal QC  H3C 3J7



Madjid Hadioui received his PhD from the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Limoges and then at the University of Montreal. He currently serves as a Senior Researcher in the group. His main research activities focus on the development of methods for analysis and characterization of metal nanoparticles by Single Particle ICP-MS. His responsibilities include insuring proper functioning of ICP-MS instruments and training and supervision of new researchers in the group. He is also in charge of ICP-MS analyses for external clients.



Fréchette-Viens, L.; Hadioui, M.; Wilkinson, K. J.,

Practical limitations of single particle ICP-MS in the determination of nanoparticle size distributions and dissolution: case of rare earth oxides

Talanta 2017, 163, 121-126.

  • 2016

    Proulx, K.; Hadioui, M.; Wilkinson, K. J.,

    Separation, detection and characterization of nanomaterials in municipal wastewaters using hydrodynamic chromatography coupled to ICPMS and single particle ICPMS

    Anal Bioanal Chem 2016, 408, (19), 5147-5155.

    Nduwayezu, I.; Mostafavirad, F.; Hadioui, M.; Wilkinson, K. J.,

    Speciation of a lanthanide (Sm) using an ion exchange resin

    Anal Methods 2016, 8, (37), 6774-6781.

  • 2015

    Hadioui, M.; Merdzan, V.; Wilkinson, K. J.,

    Detection and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles in Surface and Waste Waters Using Single Particle ICPMS

    Environ Sci Technol 2015, 49, (10), 6141-6148.

  • 2014

    Merdzan, V.; Domingos, R. F.; Monteiro, C. E.; Hadioui, M.; Wilkinson, K. J.,

    The effects of different coatings on zinc oxide nanoparticles and their influence on dissolution and bioaccumulation by the green alga, C. reinhardtii

    Sci Total Environ 2014, 488-489: 316-324.

    Hadioui, M.; Peyrot, C.; Wilkinson, K. J.,

    Improvements to Single Particle ICPMS by the Online Coupling of Ion Exchange Resins

    Anal Chem 2014, 86(10):4668-4674.

  • 2013

    Hadioui, M.; Leclerc, S.; Wilkinson, K. J.,

    Multimethod quantification of Ag+ release from nanosilver

    Talanta 2013, 105, 15-19.

    Nadeau, S.; Bouchard, M.; Debia, M.; DeMarcellis-Warin, N.; Hallé, S.; Songmene, V.; Therrien, M.-C.; Wilkinson, K. J.; Ateme-Nguema, B.; Dufour, G.; Dufresne, A.; Fatisson, J.; Haddad, S.; Hadioui, M.; Kouam, J.; Morency, F.; Tardif, R.; Viens, M.; Weichenthal, S.; Viau, C.; Camus, M.,

    ÉquiNanos: innovative team for nanoparticle risk management

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  • 2012 and before

    Kadouche, S.; Lounici, H.; Benaoumeur, K.; Drouiche, N.; Hadioui, M.; Sharrock, P.,

    Enhancement of Sedimentation Velocity of Heavy Metals Loaded Hydroxyapatite Using Chitosan Extracted from Shrimp Waste

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    Zemmouri, H.; Kadouche, S.; Lounici, H.; Hadioui, M.; Mameri, N.,

    Use of chitosan in coagulation flocculation of raw water of Keddara and Beni Amrane dams

    Water Sci. Technol.-Water Supply 2011, 11, (2), 202-210.

    Hadioui, M.; Mecherri, M. O.; Sipos, R.; Yvon, Y.; Sharrock, P.,

    Polyamine-substituted epoxy-grafted silica for aqueous metal recovery

    Chem. Pap. 2011, 65, (6), 855-862.

    Hadioui, M.; Sharrock, P.; Mecherri, M. O.; Brumas, V.; Fiallo, M.,

    Reaction of lead ions with hydroxylapatite granules

    Chem. Pap. 2008, 62, (5), 516-521.

    Fernane, F.; Mecherri, M. O.; Sharrock, P.; Hadioui, M.; Lounici, H.; Fedoroff, M.,

    Sorption of cadmium and copper ions on natural and synthetic hydroxylapatite particles

    Mater. Charact. 2008, 59, (5), 554-559.

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