Prof. Kevin J. Wilkinson Group


Prof. Kevin J. Wilkinson

Professor: Department of Chemistry (since 2005)

Senior lecturer, lecturer, post-doc: University of Geneva, Switzerland (1994 - 2005)

Ph.D. M.Sc.: Institut national de la recherche scientifique (Eau), Quebec, QC (1988-1993)


Associate Editor: Environmental Chemistry (CSIRO)

Member: Center for self assembled chemical structures (CSACS)

Research Interests

Our research interests lie in the field of "molecular" environmental chemistry. Our group specializes in determinations of bioavailability and mobility for trace metals and metal-based nanomaterials.


For example, current projects are examining the nature of the physicochemical processes influencing trace metal bioaccumulation by microorganisms. We are especially interested in understanding how complexation and the presence of multiple contaminants affects trace metal bioavailability. Our work on nanoparticles attempts to quantify their fate (dissolution, aggregation) and bioavailability (bioaccumulation, genomic and proteomic effects).


We are also interested in developing strategies for the detection of nanomaterials in the environment. Our laboratories are among the best equipped in the world for the detection and characterization of nanoparticles in biological and environmental media.

Prof. Kevin J. Wilkinson Group


Prof. Kevin J.

Wilkinson Group